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Intuitive Eating Principles Part 5

With the holidays having just passed, everyone is making New Year’s resolutions! Many of these resolutions pertain to weight, food, and body. What if your year could be different, your goals and perspective different? What if instead of focusing on weight loss and changing your body, your goal this year was to eat in a less judgmental way towards food and your body? What if this year was the year you made peace with food and body the goal? A great way to start on this journey is by adopting the principles of intuitive eating!

If you have read my previous blogs about Intuitive Eating and you are back, welcome back! If you are just tuning in, Intuitive Eating is a book written by two dietitians, Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD and Elyse Resch MS, RD. There are 10 principles of intuitive eating. The first eight principles, “Reject the Diet Mentality”, “Honor your Hunger”, “Make Peace with Food”, “Challenge the Food police”, “Feel Your Fullness”, “Discover the Satisfaction Factor”, “Cope with Your Emotions Without Using Food” and “Respect Your Body” were our previous topics of discussion. Today we will dive right into the last two principles 9 and 10!

“Exercise – Feel the Difference”

contentblog5is principle 9 of intuitive eating! There are so many benefits of exercise! When we regularly move our bodies and we enjoy what we are doing, any and all of the following can occur: elevated mood and energy level, better sleep, cardiovascular benefits, strengthening of bones, building or conditioning of lean muscle tissue, building of community if enjoying with friends or family.

There is no limit to how much exercise can bring life to our lives. This is only possible, however if the focus of movement is to enjoy exercise and feel the difference it can make in our lives, not when the focus is weight loss. Think of something or several things you actually enjoy doing that are active and implement those activities in your life! You will certainly feel the difference!

“Honor Your Health – Gentle Nutrition”

is principle 10 of intuitive eating and is somewhat of a summary of all the other 9 principles combined. Gentle nutrition ties a big bow on the gift of intuitive eating by showing us that we can honor health and eat what sounds good simultaneously. How can we accomplish that you ask? By understanding the bigger picture and using a lot of grace for ourselves and common sense about the body.

Simply said, stop judging food and letting it define you, eat what you want, know that one snack or meal really doesn’t make that big of a difference, and let your body lead. What you will find is lasting change and peace with food and body. If you try intuitive eating, I guarantee it will drastically change your life for the better!



If you have enjoyed this short synopsis of the principles of Intuitive Eating you can find more information at May you begin or continue the journey to freedom with food and peace with your body! If you have further questions or need direction about getting help for disordered eating or treatment for an eating disorder, please contact me at

Kristen Bunger
Kristen Bunger

Kristen received her bachelor’s degree from Samford University and completed her dietetic internship and master’s program in clinical nutrition at the University of Alabama at Birmingham with an emphasis in maternal and child health. She specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, oncology, and pediatric feeding difficulties. She is thrilled to now be owner of Body and Soul Nutrition Counseling in efforts to feed the body and nourish the soul of each client.

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