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Let’s get moving!

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Let’s get moving!

January hysteria of diet culture!

Have you ever tuned in just a little bit more to the advertising and marketing you hear every day in the month of January? If you pay attention to radio, internet and Google ads, social media, and every other way you may consume information, there is a drastic spike in weight loss, clean eating, gym-going propaganda starting on January 1st each year. If you haven’t noticed you might be sad that I pointed it out because when you do notice it, you will see how annoying it is. Diet culture wants to create such a problem for us (all year every year but especially in January) that we can’t possibly even think about not contributing to the 72 billion dollar haul they get from us every year.

Spoiler alert: exercise is good for you!

Like most propaganda though, not everything is false. Diet culture does talk a lot about getting healthier and especially about moving more which is exactly what I want to talk about today. Now that January is over and some of the New Year’s resolution hysteria has subsided, we can talk more realistically together and to ourselves about the benefits of exercise. When thinking about how good it makes us feel, then we can go forward in prioritizing it as a life-giving activity instead of a dreaded obligation that must be done in order to lose weight or change our bodies in some way.

You are worthy of being taken care of!

As a culture (and culture begins with and is defined by each of us), we have to decide to move our bodies because we love them, not because we hate them. This is a whole other can of worms that I will open at a later blog post, but for now, let me challenge you with this. You cannot hate yourself happy. You cannot worry yourself to peace. You cannot criticize yourself to perfection. You have to find a way to be grateful for the body you have been given and then find all the ways that you can to take really good care of it. It is the vessel of the astoundingly, intrinsically, incredibly valuable you and it is so worth taking care of.

The benefits of moving!

So as we think about ways to take care of this amazing body you live in, let’s think about some of the very many benefits of moving it regularly! Stronger Bones. Better sleep. Improved Mood. Higher confidence. Increased cardiovascular health. Mindfulness and awareness of your body. All of these wonderful benefits and more come from consistent exercise. Consistent exercise comes from you making a few small changes that you can identify as fun, active, and life-giving, over a longer period of time. Not to over simplify, but that is really the gist of it.

What type of movement do you love?

So, sit down and try to think about what kinds of movement would be FUN to do. Then think about realistically how you can plug movement into your schedule. Think about your people and furs too. How can you take your friends, significant other, kids or pets along with you. Try to include them in any way that is possible, or you can identify if you need activity to sometimes be a time when you are alone with music, a fun podcast, or just your own soul! Also, don’t discount variety! It really is the spice of life. Think about taking a jog one day, then walking to the park the next, and going for a hike on the weekend. Whatever you decide to do for movement, make sure you enjoy it and you are somewhere on the road to celebrating how fabulous your body is! It will make all the difference to get active and to make sure you enjoy it along the way! Happy Moving! Cheers, friends!

Kristen Bunger
Kristen Bunger

Kristen received her bachelor’s degree from Samford University and completed her dietetic internship and master’s program in clinical nutrition at the University of Alabama at Birmingham with an emphasis in maternal and child health. She specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, oncology, and pediatric feeding difficulties. She is thrilled to now be owner of Body and Soul Nutrition Counseling in efforts to feed the body and nourish the soul of each client.

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