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Infant or Child Feeding Difficulties

For many parents, feeding your child can be stressful and overwhelming at times. If you are in need of education and support regarding infant, toddler, and child feeding, Kristen can alleviate your stress and help your child grow.

Kristen has worked at Phoenix Children’s Hospital for five years as part of the clinical nutrition team. Because of this she has a heavy background in treating failure to thrive, infant formula intolerance, picky eating, and food aversion.

Nutrition counseling is not equivalent to lactation consultation or speech therapy, but works alongside these disciplines to help modify behavior and practically problem-solve growth deficits and picky eating in infants and children.

If you are struggling to get your infant to school-age child to eat or eat a variety of foods, Kristen can help.

Kristen can help your child grow and thrive!

Nutrition Assessment (60-75 minute): $125

Nutrition Follow Up (50 minute): $100

Nutrition Follow Up (30 minute): $60