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Intuitive Eating Principles Part 3

I don’t know about you, but the constant inundation of marketing about food, dieting and weight loss is overwhelming for me. Actually, most of the time it makes me mad and frustrated that so much time, energy and money is invested in trying to allure the general public into thinking we have a problem with food if we eat certain foods and that dieting and avoiding these foods would “fix us.” What if we don’t have a problem with food and our bodies are healthy and beautiful even though they are imperfect? What if there is a different way to view food and our bodies? If you read my first two blogs about Intuitive Eating and you are back, welcome back! If you are just tuning...

Intuitive Eating Principles Part 2

Weight, dieting, body image, and the myriad of other topics associated with these three words are constantly subjects of thought, discussion, and observance due to incessant marketing in America. If you read my first blog about Intuitive Eating and you are back, welcome back! If you are just tuning in, Intuitive Eating is a book written by two fabulous dietitians, Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD and Elyse Resch MS, RD. It can also be considered a guiding light out of inappropriate guilt and shame with food and our bodies and an introduction to freedom with food and peace with the body. There are 10 principles of intuitive eating. The first two, “Reject the Diet Mentality” and “Honor your Hunger”, were our topics of discussion last time. Today...

Introduction to Intuitive Eating

With so much focus on weight, and dieting, wouldn't it be nice to find a healthy, balanced, and enjoyable way to relate to food? One book that has changed the nutrition practice of many dietitians and the life of so many of our clients is Intuitive Eating written by Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD and Elyse Resch MS, RD. With so much truth packed into these pages, it continues to revolutionize people and their perspectives all over the world. Intuitive Eating says that we can actually trust the intuition of our bodies to tell us when we are hungry, what sounds good to eat, what we need to eat to sustain ourselves, and how much we need to feel full without continually overeating. In essence, Intuitive Eating...